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#7980 Game Bird Starter XGR

28% Protein highly fortified complete feed in granular form for starting birds. Medicated with amprolium for coccidiosis control

#7985 Game Bird Grower XGR*

22% Protein mini-pellet complete feed that will provide the proper nutrient intake for growth and feather development. It is medicated with amprolium for cocidiosis control.

*Not floor stocked, 3 ton minimum order.

#7600 23% Broiler XGR

23% Protein complete feed in granular form medicated with amprolium for starting meat type birds.

#7110 Turkey-Duck & Goose XQP

18% Protein non-medicated pelleted complete feed that will meet the nutrient requiprements of growing and finishing birds.

Feeding Recommendations

0-8 Weeks of Age

  • Game Bird Starter XGR

8-12 Weeks of Age

  • Game Bird Grower XMP
  • 23% Broiler XGR

12 Weeks to Market

  • 18% Turkey-Duck & Goose XQP