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High Protein & Lysine Levels
Promotes maximum lean gain, minimum back fat, high carcass lean percentage, and large loin eyes.

Balanced for Ideal Amino Acid Ratios
Diets are formulated using ratios of digestible methionine + cysteine, threonine, tryptophan, and isoleucine relative to digestible lysine.  Proper amino acid ratios assure maximum lean gain and best feed efficiency.

Added Biotin and Pantothenic Acid
In addition to normal vitamin additions, the feed contain added Biotin for healthy hooves, skin and hair coat.  Extra Pantothenic Acid is added to maximize lean growth.

Mineral Balance
Diets are formulated for calcium, digestible phosphorus, and trace minerals including zinc and chromium to maximize performance.

Medication Options
Medication options include Mecadox 50 grams/ton in the 30 to 80 pound stage, and non-medicated feeds thereafter.  No VFDs are required.

Paylean® 9 Grams/Ton Option
Paylean (ractopamine hydrochloride) is available to increase muscle mass and minimize backfat prior to the show.

Show Pig Feeds (Available Seasonally)
#3371 Show Pig 20 MX50 (meal) – 19.5% protein, 1.30% Lysine
            –For pigs 30 to 80 pounds (88 pounds of feed per pig)
#3372 Show Pig 18 Non-medicated (meal) – 18.0% protein, 1.10% Lysine
            -For pigs 80 to 130 pounds (111 pounds of feed per pig)
#3373 Show Pig 16 Non-medicated (meal) – 16.0% protein, 1.00% Lysine
            -For pigs 130 to market (384 pounds of feed per pig to 260 pounds bodyweight)
#3374 Show Pig 17 Paylean 9 (meal) – 17.0% protein, 1.15% Lysine, 9 grams/ton Paylean
            -For the last 14 to 30 days prior to the show (last 45 to 90 pounds of gain – 135 to 285 pounds of feed per pig)

*Pelleted diets are available with a 2-ton minimum order.

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