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8999 Stage One Lamb Show Feed MP

Feed to lambs as a creep and up to 100 pounds or moderate cover or specific nutritional needs are met.

Our market Stage One Show Lamb Feed is designed to add bloom and muscle with an expanded mini-pellet for increased digestibility. Made with multiple protein and carbohydrate sources, high calcium/phosphorus ratio, ammonium chloride and yeast culture, this feed will result in a high rate of gain.

#9006 Stage Two Lamb Show Feed TX

Feed to lambs greater than 100 pounds or start feeding when lambs have one-fifth fat coverage. 

Stage Two Lamb Show Feed is a texturized feed designed to develop lean muscle. This market show lamb feed contains multiple protein and carbohydrate sources, ammonium chloride, yeast culture and numerous fiber sources. With a high calcium/phosphorus ratio our stage two show feed yields a moderate rate of weight gain and increased digestibility.

Feeding Recommendations

  • It is ESSENTIAL to keep pens/yard clean, dry, well bedded, and ammonia free.
  • Feed bunk management is critical to maximize lean gain. 
  • Feed two times a day approximately 12 hours apart and at the same times.
  • Individual feeding spaces s recommended for best gain and finish. 
  • Provide clean fresh water at all times.

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