Sheep Nutrition Program

The Practice of Veterinary Medicine has evolved since the 1980’s to include not only the treatment of disease, but also its prevention through sound animal health management programs. This fact is no more apparent than in the modern sheep systems that exist today. Proper nutrition is an essential part of any preventative health program. With this in mind, G.F. Kennedy, D.V.M. formulated these Premixes, Mineral Mixes, and Rations, not only to provide nutrients according to minimal recommendations, but rather to provide nutrients at effective levels to maximize production. Combine with modern nutrition research and technological advances (best-cost rations, computer balanced rations) and the Pipestone Program Producer will be on the leading edge of Modern Sheep Production. In sound nutrition there are no secrets or special additives.

Sheep Feed Programs


Feeder Lamb
Birth - 40 Days

Feeder Lamb
41 Days - 80 Days

Feeder Lamb
81 Days - Market

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