Rein & Saddle Horse Feeds

Rein & Saddle Horse Feeds

9393 Peak Performer TXT
For younger, working and/or performance horses.
A complete, texturized feed that is fortified to meet the additional demands of rigorous exercise and to safely maximize the genetic growth potential of the younger horse. Synergistic formulation of selected energy sources, amino acids, minerals and vitamins are designed to provide peak performance from your horse.  

9085 15% CoolMax
For performance, growing, and lactating horses.
A textured, high calorie formula designed to meed the needs of a highly active lifestyle.

9054 14% CoolMax Competitor
For performance, growing, and lactating horses.
An expanded pellet formula designed for horses in need of a calorie-rich, low starch diet formla along with specific added amino acids to meet the horse’s additional physical demands.

9080 12% Maintainer
For general maintenence use.
A texturized palatable formula for light working adult horses.

9100 Equine Well-being
For senior horses, light-working horses or easy keepers.
An expanded pellet, high-fiber formula suitable for less active adult horses. 

9076 Sole-Source Senior
For the senior horse.
This complete expanded pellet, containing built in roughage, is a nutrient dense and easily digested. Sole-Source may be fed by itself or in combination with hay or pasture.

9079 Simply Sweet 12%
For general maintenance use
A texturized formula with grain and an expanded pellet for light working adult horses.