#9393 Peak-Performer TXT

For younger or intense working and performance horses. 
A complete, texturized feed that is fortified to meet the additional demands of rigorous exercise and to safely maximize the genetic growth potential of the younger horse. Synergistic formulation of selected energy sources, amino acids, minerals and vitamins are designed to provide peak performance from your horse. 

What PEAK-PERFORMER has to offer: 
Three energy sources for MAXIMUM energy release
     1.) Fiber Energy: Beet pulp is a unique digestible fiber which can help maintain proper gastrointestinal function essential for the support of enhanced performance activities.
     2). Soluble Carbohydrate Energy from high quality whole Oats, Expanded Barley and Expanded Corn.
     3.) Fat Energy from soy oil, flax oil, and grains formulated for a specific omega 3 : 6 balance. Each 10 pounds of Peak Performer provides 8 ounces of vegetable oil.
         Unique Combination of selected energy sources designed to provide critical caloric density while lowering the chance of overstimulating the normal horse fed a proper complete diet. These three energy sources provide the Equine athlete with the extra calories for optimal performance without the use of excessive amounts of grains; an important fact when wanting to reduce the chance of a starch overload in the hindgut.

Ideal Amino Acid Technology included to reduce excess free nitrogen, promote natural healing activities, and act as building blocks for proteins that maintain, repair and enhance muscle and connective soft tissue. This blend of active ingredients are designed to provide a comprehensive, synergistic approach to the maintenance of normal muscle integrity, joint function and proper formation of essential structural proteins needed for proper locomotion.

Horse friendly yeast culture that helps to restore GI track balance; critical to overall digestive efficiency, and normalized metabolic activities.

MOS (Mannan oligosaccharides) with b-Glucans is a prebiotic which can aid in modifying the microbial ecosystem of the intestine by binding receptors on the intestinal epithelium which might otherwise be bound by microbial pathogens. MOS has been shown to contribute to a beneficial unique interrelationship between nutrition and immunity.
Myco-lock added- helps extend shelf life and freshness by minimizing bacterial growth in feed and limiting oxidation of oils.
Scientifically formulated with 26 vitamins, trace minerals (organic & inorganic) and macro minerals in correct amounts and ratios. Enhanced mineral availability for essential functions in: reproduction, skeletal growth and development, digestion, hair coat, skin and hoof.
Added electrolytes to help insure proper water intake, digestion and hydration.

Expanded Corn & Barley; Expansion enhances digestibility by gelatinizing the carbohydrates which offers full nutritive value, improves pellet quality, allow for higher inclusion of oils, and liquids, and destroys bacteria/molds through a precisely controlled cooking process which decreases occurrences of mold and mycotoxins.

 Added Vitamin E and Selenium (inorganic and organic) for a stronger antioxidant presence which may benefit; immune system function and reduced muscle cell damage in working horses. Enhanced levels of beneficial antioxidants are known to counter the effects of the free radicals that are produced under the stressors of high performance activity.

Fortified with Biotin for hoof, hair and tissue repair and recovery.

A Cool feed due to the consistent blend of grains, fermentable fibers and oils which allow the Maximum energy release, less risk of digestive upsets and horse owners reassurance of safety.

Dried Aspergillus oryzae Fermentation extract, supports a desirable rate and extent of fiber digestion which is necessary to help the equine digestive system maintain the delicate balance necessary for increased feed efficiency, fewer digestive upsets and keeping the good “microbials” present at beneficial levels.


Suitable for the:

 Intensive Working Horses, Growing Foal & Growing Young Horse, Working Stallion or Broodmare, Show Horse

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science