Meat Goat

Meat Goat Feeding Program

#9250 Complete Goat Creep

  • A 21% complete pelleted creep containing Rumensin for the control of coccidiosis, is designed for superior performance on young   kids containing a blend of proteins and multiple carbohydrate sources. Also contains ammonium chloride for the prevention of urinary calculi. To be used as a creep/early weaning feed.

#9251 Complete Goat Starter

  • An 18% complete pelleted starter containing Rumensin for the control of coccidiosis. This pellet, formulated for young kids ages 0-4 months contains a blend of multiple carbohydrate sources for superior performance and contains ammonium chloride for prevention of urinary calculi.

#9252 Complete Goat Grower

  • 16% complete grower pellet is designed to meet the needs of growing kids. Also containing Rumensin for the control of coccidiosis and ammonium chloride for the prevention of urinary calculi, feed from 5-10 months of age for optimum growth.

#9350 Meat Goat Supplement

  • Meat Goat Supplement is a 35% expanded protein pellet designed to be mixed with corn to make an 18%-16% or 14% complete feed for growing and finishing goats. It is a blend of multiple protein sources, minerals, and vitamins to provide optimum health and maximum growth potential. Ammonium chloride is added for urinary calculi prevention.
  • All Natural-Non Medicated

#5090 Goat T.M. Salt with Selinium and Vitamins

  • To be fed freee choice to provide salt, trace minerals & vitamins. Intakes fom 1/4 to 1/2 ounce per day.