Equine Well-Being

#9063 Equine Well-Being

AVAILABLE 50 LB LINED BAG OR BULK For light working, maintenance and senior horses able to utilize forages. Equine Well-Being is an expanded pellet that is fortified to meet the needs of the horse that is light working or advanced in years. A combination of carbohydrates, oils and fermentable fibers provides a safe and unique energy release for a light balanced diet.

  • Expanded Pellets: Enhance digestibility by gelatinizing the carbohydrates, improve pellet quality, allow for higher inclusion of oils and liquids, destroys bacteria and molds through a controlled cooking (heating) process
  • Low feeding rate: The consistent blend of mixed grains, fermentable fibers, and oil allows for MAXIMUM energy release and less risk of digestive upsets.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Scientifically formulated with 26 vitamins, trace minerals and macro minerals in correct amounts and ratios.
  • Specific supplemental amino acids to ensure optimum nutrition and to help reduce ammonia odors in feces and urine.
  • Added Yeast Culture and Direct Fed Microbials: Enhance fiber digestion, reduce digestive upsets and promote a more efficient metabolism of nutrients.
  • Organic trace mineral proteinates in conjunction with inorganic trace mineral sources for increased bioavailability and enhanced metabolic function.
  • Added Vitamin E and Selenium (inorganic and organic sources) for antioxidant benefits such as, improved immune system function and reduced muscle cell damage in working horses.
  • Added electrolytes to help ensure proper water intake, digestion and hydration. Provide fresh, clean water at all times.
  • High margin of safety: Carefully selected grains, expanded pellets, inclusion of mold inhibitor and precise inclusion of liquid products ensures a high level of safety.
  • Five-fold quality assurance system to help protect your horse from potential problems related to manufacturing.
  • Pellet Form-Improved nutrient digestibility and absorption; reduces feed waste, is easy to feed, and is easy to chew.
  • Apple flavor for enhanced palatability.
  • Fortified with Biotin for hoof health.
Light Working Horse*Senior Horse that Can Chew Hay Properly*Nutritionally Challenged Horse*Miniature Horse*Show Horse*Moderate Working Horse*Working Stallion or Broodmare*Lactating Broodmare “Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science”