Beef Products

Elite Product Feed Line

Elite Product Feed Line

Elite Starter Feeds

Elite High Risk Calf Starter:
Designed to be fed to calves up to 650 pounds upon arrival at the feedlot. 
This product is also well suited to heavier cattle that are malnourished or under extreme stress upon arrival.
The combination of all natural, highly digestible proteins, elevated vitamin and trace minerals, along with other additives, makes this an extremely palatable and reliable starter feed.

Elite Feedlot Starter:
Designed for use in calves that are 650 pounds and above upon arrival in the feedlot.
It is an excellent tool to transition heavier feeder cattle and yearlings to a feedlot finishing program.

Elite Growing & Finishing Feeds

Elite 37:0
An all-natural supplement, containing a high level of bypass proteins, which can be applied in a wide variety of situations.

Elite 40:14
This is a low urea level product containing a wide array of protein sources to optimize rumen bacteria output for the growing animal. This supplement is well-suited to back-grounding operations.

Elite 40:30
A high urea level product that complements higher protein forage/carbohydrate sources such as Alfalfa hay.

Elite 55:35
A high protein/high urea finishing supplement with a wide array of protein sources suited towards situations where high-protein byproducts are unavailable or impractical.

Elite 25% Balancer
A lower protein supplement with the appropriate amount of urea to optimize protein output from rumen bacteria. This supplement complements high-protein forages, and many of the byproducts that are very common today, especially well.