Dairy Nutrition

Optimizing rumen fermentation and microbial yield is important not only for performance but also in reducing feed cost as well as improving cow and environmental health. We have been utilizing computer “modeling” since 2000. Currently in Wisconsin we are using CPM which is based on CNCPS (Cornell) model. Big Gain Mankato functions on the NRC model. Since technology and research continue to advance we are always analyzing the most current models available to the industry.

The cow is the world’s best nutritionist and she will quickly tell you if her diet is healthy or not.

Our Dairy Specialist respect and understand the nutritional requirements of the rumen and the cow. Since the rumen is developed to digest fibrous feeds that other animals cannot, our rations are built around maximizing forage intake and fiber digestion.

We understand that in order to have cows that:
1.) Calve without problems
2.) Breed back early
3.) Become pregnant early
4.) Dries off healthy
A sound nutrition program is required as well as a high level of animal husbandry

We work hard at understanding what the cow is telling us, which is a vital part of our nutrition program. We also work hard understanding what the needs, wants and goals are of the customer. Through a trusting relationship, plans can be made and monitoring systems can be designed to reach those wants, needs, and goals.