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Big Gain Cattle Minerals come in a variety of forms to maximize the performance of your cow-herd throughout the year. They are also available with additives such as Rabon, Altosid, or CTC. Contact your Big Gain dealer or representative for more details on the additives we offer. All Big Gain Beef Minerals are designed to be fed free-choice unless specifically noted.


Big Gain Cattle Mineral:
This is an all-around mineral that can be applied to almost any cow-calf situation. This mineral serves as our platform from which all of our minerals are built. 

Big Gain Hi-Mag Cattle Mineral:
Similar to Big Gain Cattle Mineral, with added magnesium to help prevent grass tetany in situations where cattle may be at risk.

Big Gain Summer Mineral:
Designed to be fed to cattle on high-quality pastures, Big Gain Summer Mineral is formulated with no added salt or vitamins.

Big Gain Synergy Mineral:
Our Synergy Mineral line is formulated with a lower level of phosphorous and is designed to be fed along with high quality pasture, roughage or byproducts. This product fits very well in any situation where added phosphorous is not necessary, and allows producers to take advantage of those cost savings.

Big Gain Breeding Mineral: 
Internally referred to as our “Step 1” breeding mineral, Big Gain Breeding Mineral is formulated with added organic trace minerals, commonly referred to as “chelates,” to help maximize reproductive health. These are added at a level consistent in “breeder” products that are commonly available. It should be fed 30 – 60 days prior to calving and through re-breeding.

Big Gain High-Performance Breeding Mineral:
Big Gain High Performance (H.P.) Breeding Mineral offers the same benefits as Big Gain Breeding Mineral. It is fortified with even higher levels of organic trace minerals for situations where reproductive health and timely conception rates become even more economically important such as embryo transfer or artificial insemination. It should also be fed 30 – 60 days prior to calving through breeding or flushing.

25% Range Cow Pellet:
Our 25% Range Cow Pellet serves the purpose of a protein, energy and mineral supplement in situations where they are necessary. It is well suited to T.M.R. or bunk situations where its particle size will ensure a homogenous mix. It is fed at a rate of 0.75 – 1.5 lbs per head per day.

25% Range Cow Fortifier Pellet:
Our 25% Range Cow Fortifier Pellet is designed to work in higher stress, or breeding situations where cows are being bunk-fed. It is formulated with added organic trace minerals for improved mineral absorption and reproductive health. Our Range Cow products offer the peace-of-mind that you are delivering exactly what each cow needs every day, in a consistent manner.

Creep Feeds

14% NCS Creep Feed:
Our 14% NCS (No Corn Starch) Creep is a complete feed to be fed free-choice to calves on pasture. It is formulated with highly digestible fiber sources to promote healthy frame growth without too much condition.

Calf Creep Concentrate:
This concentrated creep supplement can be blended with a variety of different commodities to fit your local needs and resources, while still providing extra mineral fortification and XP yeast culture to promote and maintain healthy rumen function.