#9085 15% CoolMax

For performance, growing, and lactating horse. CoolMax combines cleaned high quality oats, cleaned rolled corn, expanded fiber pellets (a unique blend of proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, and fermentable fibers), and roasted soybeans, lightly wrapped in molasses and soy oil for palatable mix to meet the needs of a highly active lifestyle.

  • Expanded Pellets: Enhance digestibility by gelatinizing the carbohydrates, improve pellet quality, allow for higher inclusion of oils and liquids, destroys bacteria and molds through a controlled cooking (heating) process
  • Low feeding rate: The consistent blend of mixed grains, fermentable fibers, and oil allows for MAXIMUM energy release and less risk of digestive upsets.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Scientifically formulated with 26 vitamins, trace minerals and macro minerals in correct amounts and ratios.
  • Specific supplemental amino acids to ensure optimum nutrition and to help reduce ammonia odors in feces and urine.
  • Roasted Beans—Palatable, high quality protein and oil source.
  • Added Yeast Culture and Direct Fed Microbials: Enhance fiber digestion, reduce digestive upsets and promote a more efficient metabolism of nutrients.
  • Organic trace mineral proteinates in conjunction with inorganic trace mineral sources for increased bioavailability and enhanced metabolic function.
  • Added Vitamin E and Selenium (inorganic and organic sources) for antioxidant benefits such as, improved immune system function and reduced muscle cell damage in working horses.
  • Soy Blend Molasses:Preserves the integrity of feed longer with less bricking and improved palatability. Oil is an excellent energy source at all times.
  • Added electrolytes to help ensure proper water intake, digestion and hydration. Provide fresh, clean water at all times.
  • High margin of safety: Carefully selected grains, expanded pellets, inclusion of mold inhibitor and precise inclusion of liquid products ensures a high level of safety.
  • Five-fold quality assurance system to help protect your horse from potential problems related to manufacturing.
  • Apple flavor for enhanced palatability.
  • Fortified with Biotin for hoof health.


Suitable for the:
Moderate to Intensive Working Horses, Growing Foal & Growing Young Horse, Lactating Broodmare, Working Stallion or Broodmare, Show Horse, Nutritionally Challenged Horse

Inspired by Nature, Perfected by Science