As volatility continues to increase, and the number of outlets for your cattle continues to decrease, at Big Gain we understand that today, more than ever, risk management options can be the difference between success & failure.

That is why we have teamed up with the most progressive meat processors to help bring you enhanced marketing options for your cattle.  Options that are there before you even begin searching for your next group of feeder cattle.  No more haggling, no more scheduling delays.

As it is with any production business, sometimes predictability can be just as important as price.  That is why we offer forward pricing options for your cattle, starting the day you purchase them. 
We all deal with enough uncertainty and risk; let us help you minimize it as much as we can!

"I like working with Big Gain, because when you need something done, it gets done right this fast paced world we work in, especially with our number of cattle that is exactly what we need"
Russ Penning