About Rein & Saddle

Rein & Saddle Equine Nutrition

Big Gain was inspired to create Rein & Saddle Equine Nutritional program to compliment what nature already provides. The cornerstone of an equine diet should be forages. However, added carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals are also necessary to support the horses fluctuating requirements throughout life’s stages of growth, maintenance and performance, while projecting health and quality of life. To help you get the perfected results that we all strive for with our horses, Rein & Saddle offers a full line of highly digestible, safe, science based formulas to help complete your nutritional strategy.

Expansion Technology
Expansion technology can benefit the horse through enhanced digestibility and better utilization of supplied nutrients.
Expansion is a mechanical process using an Annular Gap Expander that applies precise pressure, temperature, and steam (hydrothermal treatment) to mixed feed.

The Advantages of Expansion
– Typically lower feeding rates than traditional feeds
– Better hygienic treatment when compared to “Conventionally processed” feeds; reducing the potential for harmful mold, salmonella and other bacteria.
– Enhances carbohydrate digestibility.
– Alters protein ingredients making them more available for enzymatic digestion.
– Less damage to sensitive components such as vitamins.
– Adds to the improvement of pellet quality.
– Increased pellet durability of higher fat formulas.